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A/V RoomService, Ltd. is a premiere design company of high-end audio/video rooms.

We optimize the room/electronics system via design, modeling, testing and voicing. We specialize in system designs for noise control, sound quality, power line and HVAC.

With over 500 acoustically optimized rooms around the globe since 1995, we enjoy an international reputation of excellence for bringing the artist’s intentions to their audience. This has been achieved with over 25 years professional experience in the high-end A/V industry, involving extensive analysis, both subjectively and with instrumentation, and by paying close attention to the laws of physics and how they apply to human perception.


What we do:

  • A/V RoomService designs for new rooms or existing rooms with an emphasis on noise control, sound quality and viewing acuity. Modeling software is incorporated including proprietary programs for room dimensions, speaker/listener locations, and estimation of reverberation times. Designs may include innovative construction materials and methods for the room shell, interior skin, electrical and HVAC systems for a home cinema, recording studio, post-production suite, conference room, church, auditorium, classroom, restaurant, etc.
  • Designs allow for standards established by organizations such as; Dolby Lab, National Television System Committee, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, THX, etc. Proprietary Modeling software is incorporated throughout with deliverable reports.
  • A/V RoomService offers many types of acoustic and electrical analysis.
  • A/V RoomService sells and/or recommends acoustic materials that allow us to obtain goals dictated by the customer for sound quality and budget.
  • A/V RoomService sells and/or recommends AC line treatment devices that improve the performance of your electronics.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t decorate. We will gladly offer suggestions as to how furnishings, lighting and color schemes affect the audio/video performance.
  • We don't sell audio/video electronics. They are best handled by a local and reputable dealer who can service them promptly.
  • We don't provide free consultations or recommendations.

We are honored once again by the experts at The Absolute Sound for our metu® acoustic treatments.
Thank you TAS!



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