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Acoustics and Well-Being

In this last series of articles about acoustics, we have covered “Prioritizing Audio for Optimized Performance,” where we learned about how you must have the basic elements in place before varying degrees of fine-tuning can be effective. We then looked into “Understanding Noise and Vibration” and correlated laboratory measurements to […]

Article, Widescreen Review

Understanding Noise and Vibration

There are a variety of “room isolation” opinions offered regarding critical listening environments like home theatres, media rooms, and two-channel rooms. Between on-line forums, contractors, and manufacturers, it becomes very confusing.        

Article, Widescreen Review

Sound Quality For Home Theatres

What makes for good sound versus bad? What are some of the misconceptions, pitfalls, and tricks surrounding sound quality? We’ll cover a few of the most basic ones briefly in this article regarding home theatre acoustics.