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Modeling Overview

Why is Room Modeling so important?

To answer that question we must understand how sound works. Sound occurs when air is pushed. When sound is in an open field it is natural and free from obstacles. When sound is inside a room, it is contained and controlled by the size, shape, construction and furnishings of the room. In an untreated room, most of what we hear is sound bouncing around the room, distorting the original signal.

Every room sounds different

There are many components that make up the playback system. The room must be considered one of them. Just as speakers sound different from one another, so do rooms. Some are bright, some are boomy, some are noisy, or echoey, reverberant, lifeless, etc. Unless you control of the room acoustics, you will never experience all that is intended by the artists, or the full potential of your other components. It’s similar to driving a sports car with bald tires.

How does the room influence the sound so much?

Room dimensions will determine how linear the bass response will be.
Non-symmetry and reflections will alter timbre and spatial cues.
Speaker/listener placement will govern all of the above.
Reverberations will mask low-level details and blur intelligibility.
Noise floor will determine dynamic range and power requirements.

How does A/V RoomService know what is best for my room?

We use our own proprietary computer modeling to determine best room mode dimensions for the available space. More proprietary modeling is then used to determine optimal speakers and listening locations so that the existing room modes are best avoided and an accurate soundstage is reproduced. This will then dictate where the early reflection points are for the listeners from each speaker on each surface so that they may be treated with appropriate acoustic materials. With detailed information about the room construction and furnishings, we use yet more proprietary modeling to estimate the reverberation times across the audible frequency range and calculate the best combination of absorptive, reflective or diffusive properties for your room.

It's all about getting the most out of your system so you can just sit back and enjoy!


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