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Standard Modeling may incorporate proprietary software to calculate optimum room dimensions and speaker/listener positions. It may also include screen type, size and location. First order reflections are calculated for each speaker on each surface to be treated from the perspective of the main listening area. The Acoustic Treatment Layout is determined using this information and information supplied by the customer/dealer about building materials and furnishings in yet a third proprietary prediction software for estimating reverberation times.

Deliverables include a Modeling Certificate, floor and elevation views of room dimensions, Acoustic Treatment Layout, speaker/listener locations and screen location and size if applicable, in electronic form.

Premium Modeling includes the above, but with a bit more detail, and with a report binder describing the results of the work that was done. It includes several graphs and charts pertaining to your particular room and how well it compares to the ideal room. Premium Modeling also includes a Modeling Certificate mounted on a wooden plaque. These two items are sent UPS to the dealer or customer.

Voicing is an on-site service designed to certify the results of Modeling. It offers the opportunity of calibrating and the testing the room/electronics system both subjectively and with instrumentation to determine if changes to the Acoustic Treatment Layout are necessary.  Usually, about 24 tests are conducted. Tests include; laser alignment of speakers for optimum image and soundstage, subwoofer cross-over and level calibration, calibration of surround sound processor, tests for room rattles and buzzes, speech intelligibility, room modes, noise floor, reverberation times, room/equipment frequency response, bass articulation and when needed; equalization correction and plot of room reflections. Again, a report binder and certification plaque is sent to the dealer or customer.

Voicing Side Dishes can be included for an additional fee.

Field Sound Transmission Classification for determining adequate noise control measures, Noise Level Analysis for environmental/community issues, power quality analysis of AC line, turntable/tone arm/cartridge alignment, ISF video calibration of display device including color temperature. Custom fabric testing of acoustic properties is also available. Fabrics testing requires (2) one square yard samples be sent for testing in advance of Modeling.


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