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Classic Coffers™ Natural Wood Coffer Ceiling Systems

Fine Natural Wood Coffer Ceilings With FRP Acoustic Room Treatment Technology

Distinctive Elegance defines what gorgeous home theaters are all about. Classic Coffers™ wood coffer ceilings differentiate fine crafted theaters and studios through fine detailed craftsmanship in a variety of rich prefinished wood species to choose from.

Product Description

Classic Coffers™ Natural Wood Coffer Ceiling System is a patented component ceiling system utilizing precut, prefinished natural wood components that install quickly and easily to standard metal T-grid suspended ceilings. Classic Coffers™ is designed to fit almost any room size and comes in a variety of wood species:

  • Red or White Oak
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Custom Finishes

Because of its patented design, Classic Coffers™ can typically be installed in hours compared to days or weeks as is often required to build on-site coffer ceilings using conventional field cutting and fitting methods. As in all AVRS products, Classic Coffers™ ceilings offer a variety of engineered acoustic options to assure each and every ceiling and listening environment performs to specifications. Where needed, coffers can be micro perforated for added sound absorption or can utilize AVRS's Frequency Response Panel (FRP) technology.


Classic Coffers™ ceilings easily fit onto standard 15/16" metal T-grid suspended ceilings with a 2'x2' layout pattern. There are 7 precut, prefinished component parts:

  1. Clip-on Transition Blocks
  2. Clip-on T-Rails
  3. Clip-on Wall Blocks
  4. Clip-on Mini Crowns
  5. Clip-on Inside or Outside Corners
  6. Lay-in 2-1/2" or 3-1/2" deep 2'x2' Coffers
  7. Lay-in Perimeter Panels

Because Classic Coffers™ ceiling components are precut to fit standard ceiling grid layouts, very little field cutting is required, resulting in fast and easy installations.

Ceiling coffers can easily be cut to fit can lights and HVAC openings. AVRS provides complete installation instructions or can provide custom installation services. Ask an AVRS sales representative about custom monogram cutting of coffers.

Acoustical Performance

Classic Coffers™ ceiling is designed to provide a variety of sound attenuation (noise control) and sound absorption (sound quality) properties. Through the use of micro-perforations in the wood coffer or custom fitted Frequency Response Panels, a full range of sound absorption properties can be achieved (See FRP System Data Sheets for additional information). Classic Coffers™ ceilings have been laboratory tested in accordance to ASTM C423 & E795 under a variety of assembly conditions.

Fire Performance

Classic Coffers™ Natural Wood Coffer Ceiling System can also be coated to provide a Class A fire rating.

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