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Frequency Response Panel System - Superior Performance, Design, & Flexibility

The rooms or “enclosures” we listen within, whether home cinemas or studios, when left untreated, cause sound to distort from its original pristine quality. Room distortion is prevalent and unique to each listening space. As a result, every room can be its own worst enemy or ally depending on how, what and where engineered room treatments are placed. (Note: Very few room treatments are engineered solutions.) The Frequency Response Panel System (FRP) is engineered and designed to provide the flexibility to address specific high quality listening criteria. These can include uneven reverberation decay (dependant on frequency & location), low frequency modal distortion (also dependant on frequency and room location) and first order (mid to high frequency) reflections (again dependent on room location).

The solution to room anomalies is a selection of panels which provide high and low sound absorption, reflection and diffusion characteristics along with a wide or narrow bandwidth capabilities. This type of flexibility and performance is what enables FRP to create extraordinary listening environments within a 2.5” system depth. There are five types of FRP panels available. All are tested in a NVLAP Certified Facility & Class A Fire Rated:

  1. High Frequency Equalizer (1.25”)
  2. Bass Equalizer (1.25”)
  3. Broadband Bridge Equalizer (2.25”)
  4. Extended Bass Equalizer (2.25”)
  5. FRP Diffuser (2.25”)

The Problem

Typical acoustic panel treatments tend to over absorb the mid and high frequencies, which sounds lifeless, and under address the low frequencies, which sounds slow & muddy. Non-engineered treatments lack control of flutter echo and first order reflections, resulting in poor tonality, soundstage and intelligibility.

The Solution

The FRP family of panels provides the flexibility to target and treat the specific acoustic needs relative to the room’s optimal frequency response. The result is a linear, wideband room response that sounds controlled and natural.

The FRP Advantage

  • FRP system is effective down to 63 Hz. within 2.5” of depth
  • Controls room modes, first order reflections, reverberation times and flutter echo in a linear, tunable fashion (see example RT60 graph below)

  • Conceals with an acoustic stretch fabric system
  • Fitted on-site by professional installers

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