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metu™ Acoustic Panels

Combining Artwork With FRP Acoustic Room Treatment Technology

Finally an acoustical panel that looks as good as it sounds! metu™ Acoustic Art Panels provide room acoustic sound quality treatment without sacrificing the beauty of today's home theaters and studios. Classic photos, paintings, murals, digital prints, family portraits, posters, fabric patterns, and more can now be reproduced to create beautiful pieces of art that also transform the sound quality characteristics of any room.

Every metu™ Acoustic Art Panel utilizes A/V RoomService's FRP (Frequency Response Panel) technology to acoustically tune the room for optimal listening experience. All within a panel depth of only 1-1/4". metu™ Acoustic Art Panels give the look you love and the sound quality you demand.

metu™ Acoustic Art Panels are designed to provide the flexibility to target and treat the specific needs relative to a room's optimal frequency response while utilizing a fabric facing capable of reproducing fine artwork, posters, and digital prints. metu Acoustic Art Panels incorporate tuned acoustical panels developed by A/V RoomService, Ltd called Frequency Response Panels (FRP). Frequency Response Panels are a family of six specially engineered acoustic panels designed to respond to "room-effect" anomalies that distort the listener's sound quality experience.

metu™ Acoustic Art Panels incorporate a 1-1/4" thick FRP tuned acoustic panels that can be fabricated to fit any size of art framework up to 4' wide x 8' long. Smaller frame sizes are typical such as standard poster sizes of 24" wide x 36" high.

metu™ Acoustic Art Panels come in three framing types:

metu showcase
Acoustic art reproductions framed from a selection of high quality museum style frames.

metu stylistic
Acoustic art reproduction panels framed from a high quality selection of traditional style frames.

metu performance
Fabric wrapped without a frame.

Application Standards

The following sound absorption coefficients for FRP Panel Equalizers are used within metu Acoustic Art Panels and were derived from tests conducted in accordance with ASTM C423 on a Type A mounting from an accredited NVLAP test facility.

The metu™ / FRP Advantage

  • metu/FRP systems are effective down to 100 Hz with only 1.25" of panel depth
  • Controls room modes, first order reflections, flutter echo and reverberation times in linear, tunable fashion
  • All concealed behind a customer selected artistic reproduction scanned and dyed into acoustically transparent fabric facing
  • Framed panels can easily be moved and used in other rooms for desirable esthetics & sound quality