Our Services

The Science of Perfected Sound!

Modeling Sound Quality Services (SQS)

  • Room Dimensions (for optimum room mode distribution)
  • Speaker/Seating Locations (for accurate timbre and soundstage)
  • First Order Reflection Points (for accurate localization and tonality)
  • Screen size and location (for optimum viewing fidelity)
  • Reverberation Control (for articulation, dynamics and naturalness)

Construction Material & Method Services (CMMS)

Structural Design Recommendations (noise & sound quality control) including:

  • Wall Construction
  • Floating Floor Construction
  • Ceiling Construction
  • Additional Elements like windows and doors

HVAC Custom Design Recommendations(Includes: air exchange volumes, air velocity,  air flow rates,  duct size, type, number of bends, number & size of registers)

HVAC Detailed Custom Design Recommendations(Includes the above plus: Btu, bend locations, liner recommendations, plenum silencer, damper locations, bend locations, register locations and type

)HVAC Detailed Custom Design Recommendations Drawings(Includes the above with drawings)

Electrical Custom Design Recommendations(Includes: ground topology, cable type and configurations, outlet and breaker types and configuration, equipment isolation, power factor correction, etc.)

VOICING  (Onsite Room/Equipment Optimization)

Onsite Testing, Calibration & Certification

Typically includes testing of; speech intelligibility, reverberation times, low frequency articulation, noise floor, system frequency response, plot of room reflections, laser alignment of speakers, subwoofer x-over & level calibration, equalization correction, rattle & buzz check, surround sound calibration, image, soundstage, etc.

Voicing Side Dishes

Field Sound Transmission Classification, Noise Level Analysis, power quality analysis, fabric testing, turntable/tone arm/cartridge calibration, ISF Video Calibration (includes color temperature calibration)

Combination Plates

  • Standard MODELING without report binder (may include all SQS)
  • Premium MODELING (may include all SQS)
  • MODELING & VOICING (may include all SQS)

A/V RoomService, Ltd.

A/V RoomService designs for new rooms or existing rooms with an emphasis on noise control, sound quality and viewing acuity.