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Hand clap anechoic, and with 0.25 and 0.40 second reverberation

Three hand claps recorded live in an anechoic room, followed by the same anechoic recording played back with the addition of a 0.25 second (250 ms) reverberation from 200 Hz. - 4kHz., followed by the anechoic recording with a 0.40 (400 ms) reverberation from 200 Hz. - 4kHz. The simulated reverberation approximates a room volume of about 3,000 sq/ft. Notice that the 0.25 second reverberation allows the room to feel and sound natural, but even at just 0.40 seconds, the original sound is begining to be overtaken by the room sound. It is important for resolution, articulation, dynamics, tonality and spatial cues to control reverberation times to 0.25-0.35 seconds (250-350 ms) from about 125 Hz. and up. Slightly longer reverberation below 125 Hz. is comfortable psycoacousticaly. Our Frequency Response Panel System (FRP) system allows for this, or any desired reverberation times. Each room is unique and will require different panels, at different quantities, at different locations.


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