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Perforated Screen Sound Example

There are reasons for choosing a perforated screen and we are not suggesting that a perforated screen may not be the best choice for certain applications, however understand that they impact the performance of both picture and sound.

This sound example illustrates the audio distortion caused by a perforated picture screen. The first four seconds is pink noise generated directly from the speaker to the near-field microphone. The last four seconds is the same set-up, but with a perforated screen placed between the speaker and the microphone. Note the perceived difference in sound energy.

There are different types of perforated screens and they will perform differently. Screen type and speaker type will determine best distance between speaker and screen (in this incident, it was 6”), but this may not conform with time alignment of the speakers and/or screen size vs. distance to the observer. An equalizer could be introduced to help compensate for the masking of the screen (see Voicing), however other distortions cannot be addressed electronically and the best sound and picture quality are lost.

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