Norman, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am. I have to tell you, it’s unbelievable! I don’t know how I was listening before? It can’t compare. It’s just fantastic! It sounds unbelievable. I want to thank you very, very much.


Norman is the real deal. Everything he designs is based on science, there’s no voodoo here, and this science has served to truly improve my sound.


.. all i can say is ..WOW!! …what these guys have done to my studio is amazing.. whether i’m tracking or mixing and mastering, i hear what i am suppose to hear… no guessing games! and i have so much more longevity in my ears. And on top of that, they make the Rooms look so cool! If you are serious about being in this business or you have been in this business, your next step of investment, absolutely, got to be AVROOMSERVICE!! .. There is NO WAY, without doubt, that i would have a studio without their service and products.


Thanks again for all your efforts. It’s thrilling to have a room that sounds the way mine does now


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Norm Varney for more than a decade. Norm’s talent, expertise and dedication has been a tremendous help to me through the years. He helped us develop our reference audio system, the rooms in our store, and has worked with us on numerous music system and home theater installations where the client demanded the best. Norm is a true professional. I highly recommend Norm and A/V RoomService.


Just a note of deep appreciation. Thanks to your engineering support, our listening laboratory is now revealing new insights into Martin-Logan products. … Norm’s work related to engineering and design of the Martin-Logan lab has helped us implement a new level leading edge technology in laboratory room development.


During the planning and implementation stages of our new (WSR Reference Holosonic Spherical Surround) home theater laboratory facility in our new building we were constructing, Norm was a valued advisor.


Good things are happening here. The room’s sound changed even more dramatically than you suggested it would, and for the better. More snap, more liveliness, more of the stuff I was looking for. I’ve been living with it and listening and evaluating components and I’m not only enjoying the sound more, my ability to discern differences between components under review has increased too.


AV RoomService dramatically improved the performance of our DALI demo room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, 2007. Initially, we had problems with mid-bass frequencies (60 Hz to 90 Hz) loading off the side-walls on the first reflection. The “slapping” sound created a room resonance and an unpleasant din in the room. Upon request, Norman Varney of AV RoomService analyzed and confirmed the problem with his computerized feed-back system. He then provided two acoustically-treated panels placed at a slight angle to the first reflection on the side-walls. The result was immediate and dramatic. The “din” disappeared, and clean, precise music emerged. Mid-bass no longer reflected into the room. We now had a room with sound to be proud of. The music was tight, with controlled bass extension and excellent definition. Perfect! I heartily recommend AV RoomService to anyone seeking to optimize sonic performance in their home. Norman’s analysis and resolution of sonic imbalance is surprisingly quick and effective.


“I’ve been an audiophile for over 25 years and have had a lifelong dream of building a reference high-end 2 channel audio and home theater system in a dedicated, built for purpose room. Unfortunately, my profession has required me to move about every three years and so the dream had to wait. About two years ago I settled into a house and set about to make the dream a reality.  Since all of my equipment was over 10 years old, I decided to start from scratch and with the help of a local dealer, and a lot of my own blood, sweat and tears, built the room and selected all of the equipment.  As I neared the completion of the project and began to spend more time critically listening to the 2 channel system I realized there were some serious issues.  After a few months of chasing my tail trying to assess whether the issues were room or equipment related, I came across an article written by Robert Harley that referenced the room voicing work of Norm Varney of A/V Room Service Ltd.”

“I called Norm and the rest is literally history.  Norm led me through a process that has transformed my room acoustics and the performance of both my 2 channel and home theater system to the levels I had dreamed of achieving…and beyond.  On his first visit he correctly diagnosed my problem as a combination of room acoustics and speaker placement.  I was so impressed with the results of his first visit that I implemented all of his recommended changes which included extending the length of the room by 18″ to eliminate a nasty 50-60Hz resonance and replacing my extensive tube trap treatments with a full room FRP treatment.  As part of the FRP installation Norm determined the optimal locations of all of the FRP panels and then optimized the locations and output levels of my 9 speakers…left front, center, right front, left sub, right sub, 2 sides and 2 rears; as well as my projector and screen.  He also made important recommendations that led to me making HVAC modifications to reduce noise.”

“If there is one thing I have learned from my experience it is that dealing with the room is the MOST important variable in reaching audio nirvana…expensive equipment can only rise to the limits enforced by the acoustic potential of the room.  And yet so little relative attention is spent on this variable.  Bottom line, the investment I have made in Norm Varney’s services has been the BEST investment I have made in my system…period.  He combines that extremely rare combination of passion, engineering acumen and an excellent set of ears!  I cannot recommend him more strongly!  The next time I move and am compelled to build another reference level audio/theater room, I can guarantee you that my first step will be to call Norm and have him write the blueprint and oversee the entire process, because it’s so much easier to get the design right first and then build.”


Thank you for all your help. What a great theater room! The result is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the past 12 months to make it happen.