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Turntable/Tonearm/Cartridge Calibration

This service is conducted onsite and requires advance notice as an additional equipment case must be brought. All calibrations are performed via mechanical or electrical instruments.

Depending on your equipment, this service includes the following when applicable:

1. Table support leveling
2. Plinth leveling
3. Platter leveling
4. Tonearm mounting board leveling
5. Optimum arm pivot-to-platter spindle distance
6. Stylus Vertical Tracking Angle
7. Stylus Vertical Tracking Force
8. Stylus/Cantilever alignment (overhang & tangency)
9. Anti-skating
10. Azimuth via electronic crosstalk tests
11. Speed adjustment during actual playback of a test record
12. Tracking error tests
13. Cartridge/cable de-magnetization
14. Subjective analysis


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