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A/V RoomService Associates

Norman Varney is the Principal Consultant for A/V RoomService, Ltd. established in 2001. During AVRS, Norman was Acoustical Product Development Manager for Kinetics Noise Control, and prior to AVRS, was with Owens Corning at the Science & Technology Center where he was a Senior Engineer with the Acoustic Systems Business as the Acoustic Design Center Lead.

Prior to Owens Corning, Mr. Varney worked at Music Interface Technologies where he designed critical listening and viewing environments, AC line conditioners, video cables and was Director of the Custom Installation and Home Theater divisions. While there, he designed the very innovative and elaborate electrical system for the Scoring Stage of Lucas Film’s Skywalker Ranch and was the lead for the 2C3D and 5C3D Certification Programs.

Before that, Mr. Varney owned Alta Buena Stereo Designs in California for 12 years. He can state that he designed and installed one of the first Dolby surround sound home theaters. Alta Buena Stereo Designs was one of the first dealers to handle Surround Sound Incorporated, the first company to bring a Dolby surround sound processor to the consumer market back in 1982. He has designed well over 500 critical listening rooms around the world and is an active member of American Society for Testing and Materials (Committee E-33 on Environmental Acoustics), Acoustic Society of America, Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Audio Engineering Society (sub committee AES-4id-2001 for establishing diffusion coefficient standards), National Association of Music Merchants, Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, etc. He has written and presented white papers for the industry and continues to have articles published around the world.

The years before that consisted of related pursuits, along with playing drums, recording music and schooling for the aforementioned in and around Hollywood, CA.

Harry Alter is the Senior Noise Control Agent for AVRS. A graduate of Columbia University in NYC, Mr. Alter has over 30 years of extensive experience in vibration control, acoustics, and business management. His expertise spans numerous disciplines in the field of acoustics including all aspects of both sound quality and noise control engineering. Mr. Alter’s expertise has provided comprehensive design recommendations for such environments as acoustic test facilities, auditoriums, studios, cinema, places of worship, home cinema, and various other residential & commercial acoustic applications.

He is a Senior Engineer at the Owens Corning Science & Technology Center supporting their growth in acoustics for the Acoustical Systems Business. Prior to being hired by Owens Corning, Harry designed their new fully/hemi anechoic chamber (one of the few NVLAP accredited facilities in North America) while working for Industrial Acoustics Company.

With several patents to his name, including revolutionary acoustic treatment systems for the home theater industry, he continues to promote sound quality, noise control, and customer satisfaction through cutting edge technology. Mr. Alter is an active member of ASTM (Committee E-33 on Environmental Acoustics), an active member of the Acoustic Society of America and a voting member of the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee on Noise S12 .

Dale Stultz is our National Dealer and International Distributor representative.

Dale is principal of REP-PRESENTS, an Independent Manufacturers Representative Firm providing Consultants, Dealers, Distributors, Re-sellers, ProAV/IT and Audio & Home Theater Integrators, and Commercial Contractors in Eastern, Midwestern and Western states with conventional and innovative products relative to Multimedia, Video Conferencing, Digital audio, video, IPTV streaming and archiving, and high resolution Audio and Video products.

Dale’s career spans over 30 years experience as a ProAV Systems Integrator and Independent Manufacturers Representative of cutting-edge technologies relative to the evolution of analog and digital audio, video, data and communications.

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