Constrained-layer damping compound 

Primarily used to control noise from being transmitted to or from adjacent spaces, RoomDamp2 also offers huge sound quality characteristics.


Sold in five gallon pails, it is easily applied with a low-nap paint roller to the back-side of a second layer of sheathing for a wall, floor and/or ceiling.


Typical wall, floor and ceiling construction methods resonate like drums, making the room sound slow and muddy by re-radiating energy back into the room later in time. By adding a finish layer with RoomDamp2 compound in-between, low frequency vibrations, resonances and reverberations are minimized. The room responds much quicker, making it more articulate, dynamic and linear. 

Transmission loss, frequency response, and reverberation times are audibly and measurably improved!

Noise Control 

  • Reduces sound transmission to and from other rooms.
  • Eliminates the common coincident vibration at about 2 kHz. when two layers of sheathing are fastened together.



 Sound Quality 

  • Eliminates cavity resonances from playing back and lingering in the room.
  • Improves the low frequency articulation and speed of the room.
  • Improves visceral impact- the room is fast and punchy.
  • Improves dynamics and resolution. The room quickly quiets, no longer masking low level details.


I have used RoomDamp 2 on many studio projects and find it works extremely well. 


We use it on walls with either (2) or (3) layers of 5/8” gyp. We find the results are a tighter low end and better isolation performance than without RD2. I like it allot– smells allot less then green glue as well!!! I have used RoomDamp 2 on about a dozen projects. 


I used RD-2 on all of the Airshow rooms – East & West! Also at Mickey Hart’s new studio, & the Music District in Ft Collins Col.I really like RD-2!!! We are happy to recommend it! 

 Sam Berkow

SIA Acoustics

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