The Science of Perfected Sound

Modeling Sound Quality Services (SQS)

Room Dimensions (for optimum room mode distribution)
Speaker/Seating Locations (for accurate timbre and soundstage)
First Order Reflection Points (for accurate localization and tonality)
Screen size and location (for optimum viewing fidelity)
Reverberation Control (for articulation, dynamics and naturalness)

Construction Material & Method Services (CMMS)

Structural Design Recommendations (noise & sound quality control) including:

Wall Construction
Floating Floor Construction
Ceiling Construction
Additional Elements like windows and doors

HVAC Custom Design Recommendations

Includes: air exchange volumes, air velocity, air flow rates, duct size, type, number of bends, number & size of registers.

HVAC Detailed Custom Design Recommendations

Includes the above plus: Btu, bend locations, liner recommendations, plenum silencer, damper locations, bend locations, register locations and type.

HVAC Detailed Custom Design Recommendations Drawings

Includes the above with drawings.

Electrical Custom Design Recommendations

Includes: ground topology, cable type and configurations, outlet and breaker types and configuration, equipment isolation, power factor correction, etc.


(Onsite Room / Equipment Optimization)

Onsite Testing, Calibration & Certification

Typically includes testing of; speech intelligibility, reverberation times, low frequency articulation, noise floor, system frequency response, plot of room reflections, laser alignment of speakers, subwoofer x-over & level calibration, equalization correction, rattle & buzz check, surround sound calibration, image, soundstage, etc.

Voicing Side Dishes

Field Sound Transmission Classification, Noise Level Analysis, power quality analysis, fabric testing, turntable/tone arm/cartridge calibration, ISF Video Calibration (includes color temperature calibration)

Combination Plates
  1. Standard MODELING without report binder (may include all SQS)
  2. Premium MODELING (may include all SQS)
  3. MODELING & VOICING (may include all SQS)

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